I am passionate about autism awareness and acceptance, but understand that differences in communication as a result of neurodiversity can create difficult and challenging situations for all involved. My approach to resolving some of these difficulties is systemic, collaborative and pragmatic. Often, with just some small changes, working environments, places of learning, and family life can become calmer, relationships improve, and productivity is increased.

As an autism consultant, I work with you to identify what changes need to be made and how these can be achieved in a way that considers everyone’s needs, both autistic and non-autistic. Every situation is unique, but this will usually include consideration of the environment, the different ways individuals are processing information, preferred communication styles, and developing strategies and techniques to improve communication and understanding.


  • Support for autism specific issues including stress, anxiety, well-being, employment, parenting and relationships.


  • Understanding, support, and practical techniques and strategies for improved communication within neurodiverse families.

Corporate Clients

  • Bespoke autism consultancy packages to meet the needs of your organisation.
  • Communication support for organisations and autistic individuals where a request for reasonable adjustments (Equality Act 2010) is required, or has been made.
  • Supporting employees with neurodiversity, counselling and well-being advice.

Please use the contact page if you would like to find out more about the autism consultancy service, or if you would like a quote for your consultancy requirements.

Consultation sessions are available by appointment in Central London. Video calls, telephone service and on-site visits* are available also.

Please note: A formal diagnosis of autism is not required for any of the services offered. Whilst autism is currently defined by a medical definition, my work is informed by the social model of autism. Those who self-identify as autistic, or those who would like a formal diagnosis but are unable to access one for any reason are welcome to access the service.

*Additional costs will be required to cover travel expenses for on-site visits.